New DevTools scrollbars hurt accessibility (resolved)

It seems that a recent Firefox update has introduced some custom scrollbars in DevTools. They look great but they have an accessibility problem.

Some people need scrollbars. Personally I have to scroll by clicking and dragging scrollbars due to limited hand strength and dexterity (ie, can’t use a wheel). For this reason, macOS has a system preference to always show scrollbars (I don’t know if Windows has or needs something similar).

Unfortunately these new scrollbars in DevTools auto-hide and the only way to bring them back is to start scrolling.

I’m unable to start scrolling because I don’t have a scrollbar to grab. :upside_down_face:

I’ve been struggling big time debugging websites. I’d love to see the new scrollbars either respect the aforementioned macOS setting or at least reappear on hover so that they’re grabbable.

Hello Blake, thanks for the report.
I do have the “always on” scrollbar setting myself, and it does behave as it should in DevTools for me.
I can’t remember any changes made to scrollbars lately, at least in DevTools.
Could you attach a screenshot of your toolbox in case we can spot something odd?

Turns out I had an update available this morning and now all is well! :heart: