New favicon? New brand?

Seems about the right time we update the favicon


We should definitely update it to something in line with the new Mozilla brand.

There’s an open issue for a Discourse Icon/Branding within that system here:

Now that the SSO Dashboard has been launched, we probably want to make this a request of our own, and re-contextualise it as part of a move to the new frontend look (seen on the SSO Dashboard, and coming to

I have some ideas of my own, and plan to have some discussions at the All Hands about it (but I guess there’s no harm in pinging @elioqoshi and @mbranson about it now).

In terms of ‘our’ brand, I think we want to keep it relatively minimal, and very Mozilla (like how Mozillians looks to be moving forward). I guess in terms of a favicon that would mean the Mozilla ‘m’:

Our current favicon, the ‘m’ favicon, Meta Discourse’s favicon

That being said, I think the favicon is the one area were we could do with some branding of our own. Speech bubbles in a black square (like our current favicon, and like Discourse’s logo) would work very nicely, I think.

In terms of our frontend design, I think we want to give as much identity to individual categories as possible. A little bit like what we’re doing with #mozillians:nda currently, but for every category:

If the #mdn category was MDN Web Docs branded, and the #add-ons category was Add-Ons branded, I think that would be very cool indeed.

Thanks for the ping @leo! I know that @elioqoshi is making progress on the new branding (bit of a longer process overall as I’m sure you’d understand). I do believe the speech bubbles are the main focus for the Mozilla Discourse rebrand and visually see this being used, not just as the favicon, but in the main site header as well. @elioqoshi is it possible to get an update on the Discourse rebrand status?

With respect to frontend design and identity for categories, this is a great idea! Icons are a great wayfinding tool and relating them to their new Mozilla brand identity will provide an additional sense of ownership for members.

I have a suggestion around color for the Discourse frontend: move toward a minimal Mozilla black/white UI that allows the colors to come through in the categories. We should also look to better marry the color palette with the updated Mozilla brand. I believe this is what you were meaning in part when you referenced …“keep it relatively minimal, and very Mozilla” in the previous message?

You’re right to point out that the Open Design issue relating to Discourse is written with focus around the SSO Dashboard. Agreed that the original request should now be thought of as a general move toward new brand alignment. Glad that we’re bringing the discussion here! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for addressing this. The thing is that I’m not entirely sure if we should make a new icon for Discourse. We don’t do that for IRCCloud for example. But if we really want to have our own icon for Mozilla’s discourse, we should stray away from the original Discourse logo. In the latter case, we should bounce some feedback off on the directions we could take. Let’s have a small chat at the All Hands even

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