New libre license based on MPLv2 to account for trademark loopholes

I find the implicit trademark limitation to be a hindrance to freedom, so I proposed my own license based on the MPLv2 to include such a grant. I also made my license line-based rather than file-based.

I have been working on my own license after the debacle with OBS and streamlabs over trademarks since any drama could severely curtail any software/hardware I propose to create my own license for my own work which hopefully will be implemented soon in the future. It is called the Freedom Public License. The license allows a user all 4 freedoms, patent use like the GPL but goes further by allowing trademark usage, in the style of Software Name by Software Developer. I wanted to make it compatible with the GPL so I based my license on the Mozilla Public License v2 to make it a weak line-based copyleft, meaning that if there are any lines of code you like, instead of making the entire file available, you need just make the lines of code available so it’s in between the MIT and MPLv2. I think being able to identify which software developer does the software best is important in choosing which one to go with because with so many forks of software these days it’s hard to choose which one based on code alone.

License here:

Version 7 here:

Version 8:

Version 9: