New meeting schedule

Starting tomorrow, we are switching to our new meeting scheule

Tuesdays 16 UTC - Action item follow-up and triage
Wednesdays 16 UTC - Team Project planning
Thursdays 16 UTC - Discourse

I’ll expand a bit more on what each of these meetings are for, but I have to run and wanted to post this before it got too late.

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Hello @majken

I’ve edited the weekly meetings wiki page to reflect the new timings.

Please confirm if this is in order.

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Sure, we’re meaning to move to different pages, but it’s good to have the
right info in the existing pages for now. You can also take out the
etherpad links and link to this category. We don’t use etherpads anymore.

I’ve removed the links to the pads. Will update when we have the right info in the future.