Continuing the discussion from New NDA + Core Contributor Trust Agreement:

We’re planning to roll out the new NDA Process in the first week in March. Please check out the wiki and then share your thoughts and questions here!


I’m staff, but my account is tied to a address, which is why I’m in the nda group on and received the email. (Without being in the nda group I can’t watch certain videos.) What should I do? Choose the “Other” channel, and find another staff to vouch me?

You can always log-in to airmozilla with your address.

This looks great! I especially like the information reclassification form. Will this be made available to staff as well somehow?

I think the staff vouching processes could be a little more robust, but it’s a great start.

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The group is really designed for contributors who don’t have other means to access information usually deemed “internal”, that are key to their ability to contribute. Almost everything we share here is also shared on internal networks, and is easily accessible to staff. I don’t think it would be necessary or useful for you to be on this list, however if you have a specific reason please let me know as I think it could be useful for forming/strengthening our internal communication strategy.


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I really like the new NDA process, much more straightforward. Very well done to those involved in its consultation and production.

As a refinement, I would suggest having a copy of the NDA available for download as part of process. There are important points that people may wish to refer to in the future as well as contact information for any concerns. I saved myself a copy of the text as I went through, but it would be handy to have the option to download it as a pdf.

I have recently been sent an invite to join a NDA Google Group. When I select to “Accept this Invitation”, I am advised that authorisation has failed. An unresolved issue…?

Other than that, a great project and cross team working success.

From Community IT: Discourse (2016-04-02):

… Moderators need an NDA at the moment because they have access to some profile information. … refers to:

  • Confidentiality Agreement for Mozilla Volunteers

– ContributorNDAforWiki.pdf

Wiki in the file name, but not the content, of the agreement.

Is that the agreement that applies to moderators (and people with a higher trust level) in Mozilla Discourse?

I think the naming “Wiki” is because it was created to be posted on that wiki page :wink: