New Print dialog: usability enhancement request

OK, new forum. Hmmm.

New Print dialog (see screenshot) makes it a bit more difficult to select a single page or page range(s). Oh, wait, I see no way to insert an image. That’s really sweet.

Back on topic: just have the 2 choices (All and Selected) always displayed. And don’t forget to help the user by automatically ticking the Selected radio button when they enter a page range. Just like Windows Print has done since the last century.

Thank you.

By the way, if you want to print a selection, the most efficient way is to use the context menu item “Print Selection” to call up the print overlay.

Thank you. Although that is different from my issue, I was not aware of that option.

It reminds me to comment that this Print dialog requires scrolling to see all of the options. There seems plenty of real estate to make the dialog larger…

I think I confused your reference to the Selected page range with printing the Selection. On U.S. English, the Pages options are labeled “All” and “Custom”.