New Private Tab

(Michael Buluma) #1

Hello all

Hoping I’m posting in the correct section. A few hours back i had a user ask a question concerning the above topic: How to change defaults so a private window comes up when clicking on + sign for new tab? If not, why not??

Looking at his question I was able to find a add-on that could help him out.

The second part asks : Why is this not a built-in option on parity with the other “privacy” options?

Anyone who can shed light on this?

Thank you

(Noitidart) #2

I think the reason they didnt bring a private tab feature is because people can get confused between whats private and whats not, so creating a separate window made it more clear.

(Michael Buluma) #3

Thanks @noitidart for the update.

Indeed it could get confusing if this approach was taken.


(Noitidart) #4

My pleasure, a reason they probably didnt color the tab is because many addons color tabs, so it wouldnt be a unique way to do it.

(Michael Buluma) #5

@noitidart Yeah I’ve noted that but the introduction of an add-on that can do the same was a good idea for some of the users who’d like to mix both options.

Thank you