New release of Pontoon Tools/Add-on


Today :spiral_calendar: I have released a new version of Pontoon Tools Add-on, the extension integrating Pontoon into your browser. What’s new?

  • First, the name. :tada:
  • Inspired by Translate.Next, I have been experimenting :test_tube: with React :atom_symbol: and was also gradually preparing the extension to use it. It does now!
  • The first thing you see :see_no_evil: after updating (or installing) is a new introduction page.
  • The reliability on Chrome increased :chart_with_upwards_trend:, but I still recommend using Firefox. :fire::fox_face:

What’s next?

  • Not all useful technologies from Translate.Next are in place yet. I want to focus :hammer_and_wrench: on that for a while.
  • I would like to ensure 100% :100: compatibility on all Chromium based browsers. If you spot any issue, please, report it. :exclamation: Please use this link also if you have any ideas for improvements or new features.

Download and install:



Thank you for your great work, Michal! Works like a charm!

Nice new intro!