New Reps Regional Coach: Fadoua Baouab

Hello everyone,

Last month, Amine ask to step down from his role as Rep Regional Coach for the region. At that time, @nukeador and I begun to search possible candidates and we asked Fadoua to join the project. And luckily she accepted.

So from now on, Fadoua (know as @Pendow in Discourse) will join @qudahmahmood in this role. Please give @Pendow a big welcome!


ca vaaaaaaa!! you welcome teammate :smiley: happy to see you here and am happy to work with you.

Bienvenue a bord @Pendow ! I am RRC for Region 7

Thank you @deimidis !
Iā€™m pleased to help more and make the best of our community.

@qudahmahmood @spillai10 Thanks for welcoming me! Happy to join the team :smiley:

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