New Tuesday meeting 2015-04-21

Hi everyone,

@mrz can never make the Thursday meetings anymore, but he is settled into his new job so he and I have scheduled a new meeting that he can make. Note that we’re not calling off the Thursday meeting, but we may re-purpose it depending on who comes out Tuesdays and what gets done. The high level idea is for Tuesdays to be about project planning/driving, but if you can make this time slot, come out, and we’ll see what needs can be met.

Since this meeting is based around @mrz’s availability, it will be anchored in Pacific Time and observe US DST changes. The meeting time is 9am Pacific (currently PDT, 16UTC). It’s added to the Community IT calendar, please let me know if you want an invite.

First meeting will be April 21st (tomorrow/today if you are reading this in a timely fashion).