New UI/UX is awesome!

I’m not in particular always agreeable with changes made to the UI for Firefox, but the recent change to match with what was being shown in Preview is awesome.

The UI feels a lot more smartphone-centric, addons are kind of easier to get to and navigate through (or are at least familiar/intuitive), performance has increased noticeably.

The best part is I can move navigation to the bottom which I didn’t think I’d care for but it’s actually starting to grow on me.

I like what I’m seeing. This is usually a red flag for you maintainers to NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. This isn’t an Australis to Photon kind of thing. Do not change what isn’t broken.

One thing needs to change:

The new tab drawer is WAY too easy to accidentally close, because scrolling through the list continues into the close gesture. This is really frustrating. I do not ever want to close the drawer by moving my finger over the tab list!! There was no such problem in the earlier Fenix/Preview UI where tabs were on a full separate screen.

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I stand corrected then… anything that improves UX/HCI should definitely get attention.