New user interface

I have to say feature wise nice job. Visually fail. Inconsistent fonts. Things don’t line up. I cringe every time I open the UI. This really needs a polish. I would suggest that the developers tried to do too much and in an effort to cram so much into a finite space made the experience unpleasant. Less clutter. Cleaner use of fonts. Please !!!

You can address your issues directly to the person in charge of the design of TB’s user interface here:
It would be desirable if you not only require “cleaner use of fonts” but also provide actual examples of poor design or poor fonts use.

I did as you suggested posting a more detailed critique with visual aids. Is there some some approval process in that section bc my post disappeared.
In fact after further investigation there does not seem to be a post for this calendar year visible. I can’t be the only one trying? could I?

This is incorrect. The purpose of the UX group is to discuss prototype designs from developers.

For discussion of improvements the location to discuss and vote is

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