New Version of Sentence Collector and future plans

Hi everyone

I’ve just deployed the latest version of the Sentence Collector. This includes:

  • When sentences are being submitted you will be asked if you really want to close the tab until it’s finished uploading all the sentences - thanks to HousewifeHacker
  • There is a new Swipe Review interface for reviewing sentences. This can be enabled in your profile and is currently off by default. If you are mostly on mobile you might want to check that out by enabling it in the “Profile” section. We are deliberately not checking for mobile devices for now. This is an improvement that can be done in the future. For now we want your feedback! - Thanks to Adrijaned
  • I’ve updated several dependency upgrades to fix security issues and updating dependencies to use the latest versions
  • I’ve cleaned up some unused code and removed the containers which introduce additional complexity, this leads to a more understandable code base. There is still opportunity to make it easier, but again, step by step.

Additionally to that I’d like to inform you what I’m currently working on and planning to have a Proof of Concept within a few weeks.

  • auth0 integration so you can log in with FxA, GitHub or Google (as you would on
  • A backend to improve performance and not relying on the client so much
  • Better test coverage
  • Automatic export (if I get to it)

This will get us closer and closer to the website in terms of technology. There will be no change in terms of database technology or UI for now, but we’re taking it step by step. There might be issues we discover while doing this prototype. There are no specific plans yet for integrating it into Given that this will require quite some coordination, this will take quite a long time and scoping efforts. This is still my eventual goal though. I’ll keep you all in the loop!

If you experience any bugs introduced by this version please feel free to comment here or file an issue on GitHub. If you have any questions regarding the Proof of Concept I want to do, please also comment here. I’m happy to answer any questions.



Speaking from the point of view of a small sized language contributor;
My needs:
1- I need to know the total of added, submitted, and reviewed sentences in a given language by all users.
2- I need to be able to edit an incorrect submitted sentence instead of rejecting them and give a positive review.
My reasons:
1- I can keep track of the amount of sentences in the Common Voice system, in order to understand when I’m running out of sentences and the need to upload more based on the amount of validated hours.
2- Scarcity in resources.


I have the same issues of @daniel.abzakh that are the reasons why we are not using anymore the sentence collector.
The reasons are different in my case because right now there are a lot of sentences that doesn’t fit our standards for the content and reject manually all of them by 3 people is very time-consuming.