New Version of Theme was denied because of duplicate


Hi I made a theme and discovered an issue with it’s background color so I fixed it and uploaded it as version 2.0. This new upload was denied and marked duplicate.

Are we supposed to edit the original version 1.0 of the themes?


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Hi @Crod689! Could you send me a link to your theme? I’m happy to look into it.

Edited to add: Sorry, it looks like your second post with a link was temporarily blocked by one of our filters. I’ll take a look at it now!



This is the theme in question:


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Good morning Crod689,
I have rejected the second theme because it seemed only an improvement of the first, but if you want to keep the two versions distinct, it is sufficient that you specify in the description the differences that you consider decisive.
However I remind you that to test a theme we can use the add-on Firefox Color that helps you decide the best version without necessarily subjecting it to approval.

Thanks :slight_smile: candelora



Hey thanks I didnt know about this. It’s my first time making themes. Do you have any tutorials or documentation that I can use to get better at it? I’m ok with the photo editing part I’m just lacking in the adding to firefox piece.

Anyway thanks for getting back to me and helping :slight_smile: