Newer themes not working on Android?

I have had several reviews commenting that a theme doesn’t work on Android, so I have tried them on my cell and they don’t work. My Running Foxes has worked on Android for ages but a user asked me to make a change on the theme, making it darker on the left hand side, so I did, resubmitted it and now it doesn’t install. It is just a white header. I tried it on my cell and he is right. Several users have commented on newer themes that won’t install on Android. Has anyone figured out why this is so and if it can be fixed? Many users use Firefox on their cells and not computers so I am hoping someone can figure out why and fix it. Or perhaps it is a setting on the Androids, etc. ?

Hi @MaDonnasPersonas

I think you may want to look at and add to this bug:

I have seen something very similar before when a single colour code caused the user interface of Firefox Nightly (desktop) to crash.

I do know for sure, but I have a feeling it may be a similar issue - a very small thing in some themes are causing them to not display.

I am keen to help find more information bto progress this issue, I just need a hand running the mozregresson tool on Firefox for Android.

I am afraid I don’t know how to add to the bug! I just know it has caused problems with some of my themes! Hoping someone with “tech” knowledge can come up with a fix.

Hi @MaDonnasPersonas

Can you get me a list of the themes where this happens? I can then add that to the bug report.

Hi…I have had quite a few reviews, etc. telling me that a theme (if I changed the graphics) won’t work on Android. It seems like a lot of the latest themes and updated themes won’t work. The one I just updated and have gotten several notifications about is Running Foxes: I tested it on my cell and the new version won’t install, but the older one, version 3 installs just fine. All of the New or Recently updated will not install {if I changed the graphics) on Android. I hope I explained this well enough.

Thanks for taking this up. I have been trying to figure it out for over a month. Caitlin had me even change the M♥Donna to MaDonna and see if that was the problem, but it wasn’t.


No problem, glad I can help.

What do you change in the themes before the new version does not work?

On Running Foxes all I changed was making the left side of the header darker. Most all of my latest theme will not work. You can find any of my newer themes (where I have uploaded a jpg) will not install. The themes are made the same way, etc. The only difference is time! I am in the process of updating all of my themes {so they don’t have the shaded toolbars} They will work just fine IF I don’t change the graphic itself, BUT if I change a graphic…it won’t work on Android. So it is something that changed on Mozilla after they changed all the themes.

I am fairly new to making themes myself, so apologies for the ignorance, but when you mention making the left handside of the header darker, is this by uploading a darker jpg image, or is this through using a darker colour for the toolbars/text?

No problem…All I did was take the original jpg of the design and make the left hand side a darker color. Not toolbars or text. Just the jpg itself. It is ALL of the themes I have submitted since Firefox changed all of the themes over to a different format several months ago that won’t work with Android. I am not a real “techy” so don’t know if I am explaining this right or not.

Could you reproduce the problem on your end? Or do you need to know the names of themes we have found that don’t work on Android?

I have seen this same issue myself. It is not all themes, but yes, there are some that are not being handled by Firefox for Android. If you have a list of the ones that you know about, please let me know as it may help get this issue fixed.

Will do so when I have time. My husband is having surgery this week so am a bit busy! But will get to it asap.

First Mountain Snow, Black Panther by M♥Donna, Road to the Farm, Mountain Blur, Spooky Time, Moon Over Pyramids are a few I found that won’t work on my Android cell. Hope we can figure this out…

Just adding some URLs here :slight_smile: :

Thanks, Caitlin…When I have more time I will try to test out some others.

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I just tested the two latest themes I have submitted and neither one of those will work with my Android phone.
Running Unicorns by M♥Donna:

2 B Dramatic by M♥Donna:

Is someone still working on this?

It looks like this has been fixed and is set to go out to users on October 22. (If users are using a pre-release channel, this should be fixed for them on Beta68.2b1, Firefox Nightly 71.0a1, and Nightly 70.0a1).

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I can confirm that it works in Nightly.

Great…will check it out next month, then? Thanks.