Next call?

Can anyone tell me when the next meeting is I would like to try to listen in this will be my first one

Hi Wes

Which call do you mean? There are several calls that take place on a regular-ish basis for different teams of contributors at Mozilla.

Well I meant next meeting cause I want to see if I can make it I got work in rl and I wanna see if I can attend the next one!!

Which meeting are you looking for? Which team or project?

For the contributors I guess

Which group of contributors?

Mozilla Reps (ReMo)?
Support.Mozilla.Org (SUMO)?
Addons.Mozilla.Org (AMO)?
Common Voice?

(I am sure there are a few others…!)

Support cause that’s what I do on the support forums I almost decided to write articles but like nah I’ll do questions

Great, welcome to the team!

The Support team was due to have a call earlier today, but that was cancelled. Our next call is on the 19th of January, details will be posted in the SUMO Contributor Forum nearer the time.

Past calls can be found at

I hope that this helps.

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Thank you for the help I will see if I can make the meeting

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