Next Meeting May 11th?

Well I think we’ve got all the feedback we’re going to get so far. Let’s schedule a collaboration meeting, and we can talk a bit more about open questions we had and also figure out who wants to start collaborating on what.

I’d like us to meet the week beginning the 13th. Some of us are involved in the Spring campaign and we may have things to share that local communities can do to participate by then.

I’ve started a doodle that only has one option, May 11th at 3pm EDT. If that time doesn’t work for you, please suggest another time and I’ll add it to the doodle. We have a week to set a date so I think we can negotiate it this way!

Vote now!

[I originally made this as a reply to another topic, but realized it should be its own. Bumping to make sure everyone gets a notification!]