Nightly in limba Română

(Andrei Petcu) #1


La FOSDEM17 Pascal Chevrel ne înucraja să folosim Firefox Nightly localizat în limba nativă și să nu folosim versiunea în Engleză.
Firefox Nightly nu are versiune în Română? S-ar putea face ceva în privința asta?


(Axel) #2

I don’t speak Romanian, but I guess your question is about whether we have Nightlies localized to Romanian?

We don’t, a while back we trimmed down the list of localizations to create for Nightly to locales that wanted to work there. It’s a bit different, and most web-facing tools don’t support it.

I expect that to change this year, though, so hang on in there.

(Andrei Petcu) #3

Yes. That was my question.

Thank you for your reply! Sorry for asking the question in Romanian on this group. :smiley:

(Axel) #4

I would think it’s perfectly fine to talk in your language on this group.

I just happen to cast a wide net here, and figured I might have an answer for your question.

(Andrei Petcu) #5

Nightly is now in Romanian :smiley: