Nightly in limba Română


La FOSDEM17 Pascal Chevrel ne înucraja să folosim Firefox Nightly localizat în limba nativă și să nu folosim versiunea în Engleză.
Firefox Nightly nu are versiune în Română? S-ar putea face ceva în privința asta?


I don’t speak Romanian, but I guess your question is about whether we have Nightlies localized to Romanian?

We don’t, a while back we trimmed down the list of localizations to create for Nightly to locales that wanted to work there. It’s a bit different, and most web-facing tools don’t support it.

I expect that to change this year, though, so hang on in there.

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Yes. That was my question.

Thank you for your reply! Sorry for asking the question in Romanian on this group. :smiley:

I would think it’s perfectly fine to talk in your language on this group.

I just happen to cast a wide net here, and figured I might have an answer for your question.

Nightly is now in Romanian :smiley:

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