No favorite button in new AMO design?

Any progress on this? I cannot manage my several hundred add-ons now…This is SO frustrating…

The ability to have AND MANAGE all these add-ons WAS one big differentiator from Chrome and others. If this does not change soon, I will have to seriously consider moving and bring my many followers and the many I help along.

I’m not crazy about the idea…it is a faster browser AND it has several built-in features that are handy…easy open tab management, language detection/translation/spelling, form filler, meaningful window switching keyboard shortcut, etc. I have been using it for some time now as a result of the lack of the above but still prefer Firefox because I’m still holding out for the above. But without this, is it time to jump ship?

Please address this soon!

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Checking in…have not heard anything on this… :-\

Add on collection is very useful.
I once use an add on and delete it after I don’t need it.
Years later, when i need it again, I am so lucky to find out that I added it to my collection, because I totally forgot its name.
Just give me this feature, in a easier way, please and thanks!!

We’re working on a big redesign for AMO (the previous one was a small style refresh) and we will revisit this decision then. We’ll post back when more final designs are ready.

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Thanks for the update…

I do hope that part of the redesign will factor in the idea AND IMPORTANCE of being able to manage multiple collections at least as easily as it was possible before the removal of the Add to Collection site features.

That is one key differentiator of Firefox over the competition.

Please take into consideration the several posts above that highlight the difficulty in accessing and managing collections as it is now, taking HUGE amounts of time to do what used to literally used to take seconds.

I agree with everything you’ve been saying about the need to be able to add to favorites / collections. I’m a big add-ons user and use the collections to organize for my own needs. I’ve always thought of Firefox as an individualist, geeky, power-user favorite. A browser for those who wanted to function differently (better) from the herd. But the decision to remove these functions to me is really frustrating and misses the mark on who the real supporters for Firefox are. Add-ons are the ONLY reason I don’t use a different browser. But lately I’ve been switching over and finding many of my favorite functions now exist elsewhere.


Exactly…PLEASE move up the priority to restore this functionality soon. Without it, Firefox is not much different than the rest. This feature is one of the most appealing reasons for using FF. Otherwise, far more users will continue to walk away…

Quick update on this: it will be possible to add add-ons to collections from listing pages in the new design. We hope to have a beta version of the site people will be able to opt-in to later this quarter (so, in the next month or so).


Sounds promising. I look forward to see the results. Thanks for the update.

Is there anything in the new design that will NOT work the same as before? If so, what would that be? Key features I would be looking for:

  • when adding add-on, complete list of collections can be displayed at the same time (currently, I have 120+ and could see all of them in one list before)
  • list of collections is sorted alphabetically in a compact format
  • identify in list to which collection add-on already belongs
  • can open collection directly from list of collections
  • the ease with which notes can be added to add-on in a collection

Apologies if this is already in one of the related topics:

AMO Add to Collection |

It’s certainly easier to use than the collections interface to collections ;-) and but I don’t imagine that the style adaptation will apply when the new interface to AMO goes live, let’s see what happens.

Parallel to all of that: re: etc. there are opportunities to make the collections interface easier to use, but feedback in that area is not high on my list of priorities.

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any update on that matter?

BTW, I recently discovered that the ADD TO FAVOURITES and the ADD TO COLLECTIONS is NOT totally gone…

When I discovered this I was truly dismayed though somewhat relieved because I could now resume my organization and tracking of add-ons in my over 120 collections.

I am truly truly discombobulated by this finding…clearly all this time (now 18 months) this functionality could and can be provided without any negative recourse and satisfy the needs of FF users. So why all this smoke and mirrors to hide this?

I am afraid to mention where to find this feature (though it is not that hard to find) for fear that it might be removed from there as well (not sure why I did not notice it before; I guess my past workflow had me blinded to it). That said, why can this not be restored already? IMHO There have been no good reasons provided for this and many good reasons for why to keep it. So PLEASE restore this functionality.

Again, add-ons, and more importantly, the management of add-ons that is a key differentiator of FF over other browsers. This is a well established fact.

That’s what the add-on did, yes, unhide the old widgets. They were removed because they weren’t deemed very important (that was a mistake) and they didn’t fit the new design.

As I mentioned, the new (new) design will bring back that feature. However, it won’t be available right from the start. I hope it will be added before the end of the year, but I can’t make any promises.


OK, thx for clarifying and confirming that this was a mistake and that it will be back at some point. Given that I found a work-around, I can work with that for now as-is. It does add a few steps and a bit of extra work but is MUCH better than working without those features.

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BUT NOW My work-around has disappeared!!! UGH!!! Now I have no easy way to work…this is SO frustrating…PLEASE accelerate the release and return of this functionality

Not only did I lose complete access from my Macs using FF 16 and even FF48 that is only just over one year old (the max I can run on my machine at the moment) but now even from my Win 10 PCs (not my main machines) I cannot manage my huge repositories of collections…It is so difficult without this

P.S. Even v16 (which I also still use) is only 2 yrs old…I still use it because it is far more resilient and fast than v48…

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Just updating this thread to point out that now it’s possible to add add-ons to collections from the listing page. It’s below the “rate” section on the left column.

Feel free to post any feedback you have about the feature here.

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Look forward to checking this out…

Though I am glad there was a first attempt at implementing this…that is nice to see there is still support for this. That said, it is VERY CRUDE and almost useless. Here are the many problems with it:

  1. the list is NOT sorted by collection name…really? That was the one big issue I worked on for months to have fixed in the previous design…how can someone not think of this?
  2. there is no way to search the list of collection names in the list (I have over 120, so it is not always easy to find the one I want (or more than one with similar names, different purposes). And with the names not sorted, there is no alternative (BUT note, sorting does not replace the need to be able to search the list).
  3. there is no indicator to tell you which collection the add-on already belongs to. That is one KEY feature that was useful in the old design
  4. there is no link to be able to open the collection directly…extremely useful to be able to then go add notes to the add-on in the collection.

So, as it stands, it is very hard to use and VERY LIMITED usefulness. This still needs some more TLC. Thanks for your consideration.

P.S. These were all summarized previously at the post above:

For those interested in following along, here are the links to the Issue Reports for each of the items I have identified…You may want to add your comments or simply subscribe to follow along on the development:

Add To Collection - List not sorted by name
Add To Collection - Cannot search the list
Add To Collection - No indicator showing which collection(s) the add-on already belongs to
Add To Collection - There is no link to open collection from list of collections

NOTE: Without all these 4 changes to re-implement the original design, the ‘new’ Add To Collection has VERY LIMITED usefulness.

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For anyone following this, the last 2 links have been merged into the following discussion:
Improve Collection Function in the new design Addon pages: