"NO" highlighted in red

When I’m in Listen mode, about half the items open with the “NO” button highlighted in red (see the screen shot). What does that mean? I can’t find anything about it.

Hey @AustinMan,

Thanks for raising.

This might be a bug as it shouldn’t be red. Is it okay for you or (i can on your behalf), raise an issue on our Github ?

Hi Hillary,

Thanks for your reply. You’re most welcome to post the issue; I’ve never used Github. If I can help in any other way – reproducing the problem, etc. – please ask.

In my report, I should have added that the red highlight doesn’t seem to affect functionality. Recording works as it should.

Chris Schulman

Hey Austin,

No worries.

That;s cool, happy to help. in order for me to fill out the report, could you let me know the following details please…

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  2. See error

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