No link or button to write a review of a web extension


Somehow I got when I clicked a link on the extension’s page to write a review. I had to create an account which I subsequently verified. I enabled cookies.

I wasn’t able thereafter to find any link for writing a review. I was sent back to the page for the web extension I had been looking at and there was no link there. I tried loading independently of the web extension page and could find no means there of writing a review.

On the extension’s page there is an arrow pointing down. If I click that I get a dropdown menu with a variety of options (none of which are pertinent) ending with the option to “log out”. There is a long alpha-numeric string beginning with the word ‘anonymous’. If I hover over that I get the dropdown menu but no option to post a review.

I should add that two items in the dropdown menu are greyed out : My Account, Tools.

(Martin Giger) #2

To review an extension you have to select a star rating in the “Rate your Experience” box. You will then get a dialog where you can provide an optional review.


Thank you. I did not initially see “Rate your experience” but in between logging in and going back to the original extension page, it eventually appeared there. So I can now write a review.