No more Fire FTP , ok so which FTP client?

FireFtp has been fired by Quantum, obviously without asking anything to the customer .

So now is there any FTP client that can be use with the “wonderful” Quantum ?

BTW is there a way to go back to old Firefox and drop Quantum ?

There are tons of FTP clients that don’t depend on Firefox.

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@Luc_Maximilien i would suggest you the free and opensource

please take also in consideration that a browser could be extended to do one million things, but be slow and instable, or be somehow smarter, faster and more stable… lot’s of people blame the new WebExtensions but should also think that the Firefox as it was could have died in a few years!
you are free to use v56 but don’t expect the best web experience in the near future.


Well you know , some people do not use browser just to have an “experience” like looking at Youporn video but rather they use browser to work, and the integration of a ftp server in a browser was of course a good thing for people who work i.e. webmaster.

We have 10000 times with a few bucks the maths power that was used to go to the moon but the human stupidity should have raise 10000 times from that day.
And Firefox Quantum is a very good example of it.

P.s. Mozilla look like more and more like Microsoft , a company that think that their customers are stupid pigs, I’m not , and I will drop Firefox ASAP .
Linux saved me thousands of hours of work and the next browser will do the same because Firefox Qantum is now a waste of time and money.

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i don’t agree with you (i think Mozilla is improving the relationships with the users… see the huge improvements in UI & UX), but i understand that seeing many features provided by Extensions to fly away because of a core update, isn’t the best thing.

i guess you know the Firefox fork WaterFox it seems to stick to v56…
but i don’t think at the long run it’ll stay alive with a one man developer…

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Fireftp will still work with WaterFox browser…
Although all your passwords and accounts won’t still be in there…
watch my tutorial

I just used waterfox and the fireftp. Works great thank you for posting the info.

yes no more fireftp but i have got similar works without firefox ftpcommander is best ftp client similar to fireftp. try and tell me if like it


However, unfortunately, it is (at least partially) true. Firefox is in HUGE decline, with its mobile commercialization, forced add-ons, various integrations of 3rd-party components and services and so on and so forth.

And fortunately Mozilla is still (!) allowing the end user to control their experience and ecosystem (mostly through about:config and the user.js file), no matter how -much more- advanced it’s getting with each new release, but what happens when this’ll no longer be true?.. Not, exactly, easy to recompile, meh.

Anyway, it isn’t often that people voice their concerns and grievances - only, it may not be fair to outright dismiss them, all, because sometimes they may be valid (and on point. :))

lol I am fairly new here, just starting out but unfortunately I can’t download FireFTP with Waterfox anymore. Every time I try searching for it, it takes me to FireFox add ons section and it is no longer available. I checked mentortingformarketers video but that is old compared to what is happening here. Any suggestions?

Waterfox is hosting various legacy extensions itself now. See:

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you can use fireftp on the pale moon Browser

It’s at

The Classic Add-ons Archive also makes it easier to find some of what was removed from AMO:

I would recommend using basilisk ( instead of pale moon; fireftp / firessh works great on it and it’s quite recent, you can even use the photon theme on it (!

Edit: Basilisk also has a list of downloadable xul addons (including fireftp and firessh) at