No user interface to enable and configure DoH

I wonder, why doesn’t FF Android have user interface to enable and configure DoH? But, FF Android do have support for DoH and we’ve to enable or configure it from config page (about:config). Is it because to simplify FF preference setting for users? And, I heard that FF Android is going to replace by FF preview (a rewrite of FF Android). Does FF preview have user interface to enable and configure DoH?

Meanwhile, networking page (about:networking) looks very creepy, and warning message isn’t showing properly, cannot click on sections available in networking page etc. Is it some kind of bug? Or, expected behavior, since warning message shows “This is very experimental”.

Does FF preview have user interface to enable and configure DoH?

Not yet, not even in nightly. It might be worth filing a bug about it; DoH is especially useful on mobile devices where you might connect to random WiFi networks you don’t trust.

I quickly looked into FF Preview issue tracker, see #4584 issue. And seems like FF Android code is under maintenance (only severe bug fixes, no feature request nor major update), that’s why I refrain it, before bug reporting and feature request for FF Android (please correct me, if I’m wrong). But, in my humble opinion FF Android is and probably also will be more powerful browser than FF preview, because it supports large number settings to tweak browser behavior (about:config) and FF addons, but useful only for advance users.

Yes, Firefox for Android is only maintained as a long-term stable fork of version 68. It will be eventually fully superseded by Firefox Preview. The stable release of Firefox Preview does not have a working about:config yet but the nightly build does. I suggest you try that version out as it can be configured to your heart’s content while having all the speed and improvements of the new browser.

Right now Firefox for Android is still the most flexible browser because Preview isn’t feature complete (add-ons are still unsupported for example) but it will get there eventually.

Thanks, I’ll surely try it. I’ve heard about Firefox Android, that it contains some proprietary code which some project (like Fennec (F-Droid fork), GNU IceCat mobile etc) tries to remove it. Does Firefox preview also contain proprietary code? Or, removed along with rewrite.

Firefox is free software and does not contain any proprietary code. What the F-Droid branch is removing are functionality that requires certain Google libraries to work (and thus would not work w/o Google services), telemetry and crash reporting components (which are free) and it disables the Widevine CDM component for decrypting DRM content. We don’t bundle the latter in Firefox though precisely because it’s non-free. It’s downloaded from the distributor and stored in the user profile if DRM support is enabled in the preferences; when support is disabled the component is deleted just as if it were an add-on.

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