Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Allen Wang

I would like to nominate Allen Wang for Mozillian of the Month - April 2019.

Allen starts contributing to Common Voice in very early time. He had joined our sentences-thon since mid-2018, help collected the first batch of Traditional Chinese sentences for Common Voice.

He has a leading position on the Common Voice leadership board of both recording and verifying sentences ever since the launch of zh-tw locale, and he had finish recording all sentences in April - we do need many more for him!

He is also actively participating in most of our local events - Quantum sprint, Firefox support sprint, Dark Funnel campaign, and almost all weekly Friday MozCafé. You can always find him help here or there.

Besides Mozilla stuff, he is leading the local Wikidata effort. He had help built the Wikidata local community, talk to promote Wikidata, and had created more than 200 data. He had co-hosted the last Open Data Day in March with OpenStreetMap community.

When he is not volunteering on Common Voice or Wikidata, he works in Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery museum as IT team lead.

How did I help him as a Rep

As a Mozilla Rep, I continue to invite him to our events, and help his effort of promoting openness in the Memorial Gallary by give a talk about Open Source and NGO. We also support him to use the local Taipei Mozilla Community Space to run Wikidata events.


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