Nominating Mozillian of the Month - @ballfish 洪慈吟

I want to nominate 洪慈吟, nickname @ballfish, for Mozillian of the Month - August 2019.

@ballfish starts her contribution by co-host local Rust community meetup since late 2018. She helps build the community, keep it alive by co-organizing the monthly meetup, managing the Telegram channel, and maintain the friendly discussion environment.

On June, she also becomes the keyholder of Mozilla Community Space Taipei, by getting a dozen vouch from local Mozillians for her involvement in the community. She had also helped to review thousands of sentences on Common Voice.

Her contribution in August

Just in this August, @ballfish had deeply involved in following so many OSS events,

  1. 2nd week - Summer Camp of Student Information Conference, PR team. She helps to promote through live coverage of the event on SNS.

  2. 3rd weekend - programme team of COSCUP (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters). She helps co-arrange the sessions of this two-days 14-tracks conference, which had more than a thousand people joining, including many foreign speakers, visitors, and Mozillians such as Steve Klabnik from Rust core team. Besides help organize the programs, she even gave a talk at Rust track.

  3. 4th weekend - HITCON Community 2019, Hackers in Taiwan conference, she is one of the volunteer staff of the executive team.

  4. Wed-Thur of 5th week - ModernWeb conference, She joining three more volunteers including me in co-run Rust/Mozilla booth. She had built the mini Rust challenging for the booth, and we successfully got more than 100 people built Rust environment and run their first Rust program on their laptops.

How an extraordinary month for her contribution to Open Source and the community!

@ballfish on the left of Mozilla booth at ModernWeb conference

How did I help them as a Rep

As a Mozilla Rep, I help her on the onboarding of the community space and help her design the Rust event and prepared the materials and stickers for the ModernWeb booth. I try my best to share my experience in event demonstration and hope this can help future Rust promotion on other events.

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