Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Harsh Mehta

Hello All! :wave:

I would like to nominate a skilled and talented Mozillian of my Regional Community, Harsh Mehta. He is an enthusiastic up and coming Developer who wants to learn more and help others learn more. He’s conceptually sound and always has a “Yes!” to the community and has played an important part in keeping the Mozilla Gujarat Community active.

Mozillians Profile:
GitHub Profile:

Harsh has an incredible appetite for knowledge and even though he joined the community just over 6 months ago, knows a lot about the community and has the skills to grow. He’s contributed in:

  • Common Voice
  • BugHunting
  • WebVR Events
  • Add-Ons Events
  • Worked on the Mozilla India Website
  • Mozilla Gujarat Website
  • Working on an application designed for Mozillians(more on it coming soon)
  • Policy Meeting with Amba and Jochai


How I helped him as a Rep?
As a Rep, I helped create an environment in the Community which encourages more projects, participation, and contribution from within the Community and that is how the Community has helped Harsh to do the best he can, and will continue doing so. Harsh loves being a part of the Community and MozFam, that is the Mozilla Gujarat Community loves having him here and we look forward to setting new milestones as we look forward to achieve more, together.



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