Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Harshil Agrawal

Hello All! :wave:

I would like to nominate a talented and hard-working Mozillian of my Regional Community, Harshil Agrawal. He is a Frontend Developer and a Community Manager who listens and acts to smash the bugs in everything that is in his sight. Only a mere year-old Community Member, Harshil has made Open Source a big part in his life and is a complete example of how discipline and consistent work takes you places in FOSS. He’s Volunteered a lot and has given a lot of talks in his Community, he recently gave one in FOSSASIA, and hopes to visit Mozilla Festival 2019 through a Crowdfunding Campaign for an AI-based Installation called, Picasso at MozFest! :heart:

Mozillians Profile:
GitHub Profile:

Harshil has an incredible ethic for the Web and strives to work more and more with Languages, Frameworks, APIs and more. He believes in User’s individual privacy and has a great vision towards what the Open Web should be. He’s contributed in:

  • Regular Meet-Ups
  • Common Voice
  • BugHunting
  • WebVR Events
  • Add-On Events
  • Worked on the Mozilla India Website
  • Mozilla Gujarat Website
  • Working on an application designed for Mozillians(more on it coming soon)
  • Policy Meeting with Amba and Jochai
  • Organizing Hackathons


How I helped him as a Rep?
As a Rep, I helped nudge him to participate in the Community and encourage more Projects, Participation, and Contribution. I helped him to be as Open as possible about Languages, Technologies, and Communities which helped him perceive more as a Developer and grow more as a Leader within the Regional Community. Harshil too, like Harsh loves being a part of the Community and MozFam, that is the Mozilla Gujarat Community loves having him here and we look forward to setting new milestones as we look forward to achieving more, together.


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