North America Mozillian Community Call (April 23 2017)

(Robert Sayles) #1

Due to the upcoming Easter Holiday, we will push the meeting to Sunday, April 23, 2017. Please plan on attending this meeting if you are available. If you haven’t had a chance, please don’t forget to join our newly Facebook Group for the North America Mozillian Community ( As always we appreciate each of you and looking forward to seeing you on April 23.

Robby Sayles
Regional Coach

(hlee) #2

Thanks for the update Robby! What time is the call on Apr 23? I may be able to join depending on time. Are you guys still sending out meeting requests via email? Thanks!

(Robert Sayles) #3

Hi There :slight_smile:,

The meeting will be at 4pm (your time). Yes, we still have the google calendar, I’ll add you to the reminders. It would great to see you @hlee.


(hlee) #4

Awesome! I also saw the event detail on Facebook group. Thanks Robby!


(Linuxwebdeveloper) #5

Please add me, too, to this Google Calendar reminder. :slight_smile:

(Robert Sayles) #6

Absolutely, @AprilMorone, can you send me your email so I can add you to the database?

Kind Regards,

(Linuxwebdeveloper) #7

Sure. It’s