Not a Robot? (ReCaptcha preventing me from uploading a new version to AMO)

Hi All,

Google ReCaptcha asked me to prove that I am not a robot on like 5 different images. I was logged in to AMO but not to Google (using Chrome). This was on the page to accept the new guidelines which you reach when clicking the button to upload a new version. After that, I gave up for now. (which robots would probably not do, unless programmed to :wink:

What is your threat scenario that made you require a ReCaptcha on this page where users are already logged in? Is there a workaround?

There is lots of spam being submitted to AMO, and ReCaptcha is one of the ways we’re fighting it. Were you not able to solve the challenge, or was it stuck on some sort of loop?

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It was not the usual easy challenge. And I might have over-clicked and selected tiles which contained only small parts of the vehicle/stairs, so I twice got the feedback that it was wrong. But no, no loop. Just the hard variant after logging out of Chrome.