Notifications from WT

Does anybody know if WT is able to send notifications?
I can’t seem to find anything and just wondered if I’ve missed it hidden away somewhere here or GitHub etc. Thanks in advance.

Yes it can, with an add-on like “Pushbullet” or any other with the speechbubble with the bell. You can then use it once set up in your rules.

Hi Freaktechni

Thanks that’s excellent news. I’m not familiar with it though but can’t wait to give it a go now you have pointed me in the right direction. Thanks

Or you could use Telegram

Hi all

Not been familiar with Pushbullet or Telegram I’m struggling in understanding how you connect them to Webthings. It looks a bit complicated for my level of experience so was wondering if there’s any documentation for any of these. Or maybe there is a 3rd or 4th “simpler” option. I’m in touching distance of doing what I need to do, I just need to get the notifications sorted, hope someone can help. Thanks in advance

I use telegram, a few time for notification, you have to create a both and get the conversation i, then you can set it in the addon configuration.

this part is for zabbix, but the bot creation and information to get the id will apply to you:

  1. Register bot: send “/newbot” to @BotFather and follow instructions
  2. Copy and paste the obtained token into the “Token” field above
  3. If you want to send personal notifications, you need to get chat id of the user you want to send messages to:
    3.1. Send “/getid” to “@myidbot” in Telegram messenger
    3.2. Copy returned chat id and save it in the “Telegram Webhook” media for the user
    3.3. Ask the user to send “/start” to your bot (Telegram bot won’t send anything to the user without it)
  4. If you want to send group notifications, you need to get group id of the group you want to send messages to:
    4.1. Add “@myidbot” to your group
    4.2. Send “/getgroupid@myidbot” in your group
    4.3. Copy returned group id save it in the “Telegram Webhook” media for the user you created for group notifications
    4.4. Send “/start@your_bot_name_here” in your group (Telegram bot won’t send anything to the group without it)

4.5 to get id send message to the bot, then go to : to get the chat ID(if token is change go replace it in the link

Hi Martin
Thanks for the quick reply and all the instructions. I have to say I have never heard of Telegram until this posting so I’m not familiar with some of the words you’ve used. But I’ll certainly give it a go. One question is Telegram within Zabbix?
This is how little I know🙄. Plus, I’m still not sure how Telegram interfaces with WT. Could you please explain where you interface Telegram to Webthings in your instructions. I’m just struggling to see how they both connect…
But I very much appreciate your help. And I’m surprised it’s not yet been built into WT as notifications are really important .

Hello. zabbix is a monitoring system so a completely different things, but the instruction on how to get a bot and the id you need for WT will be almost the same.
the token will be the token they talk about at point 2
the chatid is what they talk about at point 3 (or 4.5 but try 3 first)

Hi again
Ah ok now i think I understand that a little bit more now Martin.
I really appreciate your time, being new to this it is so important that people like you give their time to help because without it a lot of us would find things so much more difficult, so thanks. I’ll give this a go and hopefully I’ll get my notifications working which would be fantastic.
Thanks Martin

feel free to ask again if you need help!!!

Martin, that’s honestly very kind of you. I really appreciate it " in advance" :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Just an idea that sprung to mind…

Set up Email Notification. With the Email Addon in the WebThings Gateway.
On Android, setup GMail notifications for when ever a message is received.

I’ve been testing this, seems to work reasonably well.
No, have not tried with any other email tool.

No cost and reasonably easy setup.
Your mileage may vary.

OR, the use the RUN PROGRAM addon to execute any program you want. Not sure if arguments can be passed from the WT event to the program, but it’s an option I use to trigger remote changes on my legacy X10 lights using Mochad.


Hi All

Thanks so much for your contributions , it really is appreciated. Due to other matters I’ve not had a chance to have a go at this yet. But I certainly will due to the setup I have really needs notifications which it’s not got yet, but hopefully will have soon, thanks to the contributions. It might just take a while for me to go through them until I can get one to work, but 100% I’ll give it my best shot, and once again many thanks for all your help and suggestions.