Notifications page has a problem with cross origin iframes

(Thibault Molleman) #1


When loading this page:
in Chrome v62 I get this error in the console:

Tag_example?revision=1280549:17 [Deprecation] Permission for the Notification API may no longer be requested from a cross-origin iframe. You should consider requesting permission from a top-level frame or opening a new window instead. See for more details.
(anonymous) @ Tag_example?revision=1280549:17


(Eric Shepherd) #2

Thanks for reporting this. We will get it onto the list of things to fix.

(Eric Shepherd) #3

To be honest, this sounds a little like Google striking out on their own with a change and I am unsure how much effort needs to be put into worrying about this just yet. But I have filed bug 1413327 for this.

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