November 21, 2018 Add-ons Community Meeting

(Caitlin Neiman) #1

Hi ya’ll, the next add-ons community meeting will be on November 21, 2018 4:30 PM in the ACE Vidyo room. It will also be available on Air Mozilla.

If there is anything you would like to discuss (or any events you would like to promote), please feel welcome to add it to the agenda.


(Juraj Masiar) #2

broken Air Mozilla link :frowning:


(Martin Giger) #3

Somehow the . appears to have gotten into the bitly link. Fixed version:

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(Juraj Masiar) #4

I din’t even noticed the dot, I was too distracted by the domain name :smiley: “” whaaaaat?


(Martin Giger) #5

All * domains can be shortened to on


(Juraj Masiar) #6

Oh man, I’m so lost here.

First, I was not able to access the page (from home or work) - it was still complaining about my account not having 2 factor authentication - which is not true. Logout/login didn’t helped. What helped was clicking “Use different account” and then login again to the same account.

Second - the link points to the “Add-ons Community Meeting - December 19, 2018”, where is the November 21? And how can it have already 22 views? :smiley:

Third - why am I being redirected to “”? Wasn’t this hosted on something like This is what I get when click the link “;F:SF!42000&EventKey=307995&RandomValue=1544647077437” - I like the random value at the end.

Maybe I’m just having bad day or the server just hates me. But even before the interaction with this video Air service was quite unpleasant…


(Martin Giger) #7

airmo was replaced with this new service some time ago. You can see the public entry to it on which will always also redirect you to


(Caitlin Neiman) #8

Oh no @juraj.masiar – this sounds like a right mess and I apologize! :frowning: As @freaktechnik mentioned, we’ve recently transitioned to the new Air Mozilla and we had some unexpected challenges with the November 21 stream. We should be set for the December 19 meeting, but I’ll keep an eye on things. (I think some people probably clicked on the link for the 19th’s stream and that’s why you’re seeing some views. :wink: )

Are you having an easier time logging in with 2FA? I’m happy to investigate if there’s anything we can do on our end to make it easier.


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