Number of speakers and stats about Kabyle on Pontoon

According to the Website Ethnologue, the number of kabyle speakers around the world is about 5,599,200.

Actually, the number exceeds 5,599,200.

It would be nice to update stats shown on Pontoon about kabyle language and other languages.


Hi @belkacem77! Pontoon uses CLDR as source of data for the number of speakers for each locale. Please note that CLDR only takes into account literate speakers of the locale.

The only exception are locales for which CLDR doesn’t have data, e.g.:

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Hi @mathjazz ;
Thanks for the reply.
I’ll be in touch with the CLDR team. I’m also contributing on CLDR since 3 years.
Actually, since 1995, Kabyle teaching is widespread in schools in Kabylia and we have three language departments in three universities there and one at the University of Algiers.


Azul @belkacem77
I wonder where CLDR gets these statistics from, what are their sources, to my knowledge no serious survey has been carried out to know the exact number of Kabyle speakers in the world.


They can’t know if we didn’t tell them!!!
Remember that we recently started localization on Mozilla (5 years ago). CLDR about 3 years, same with the other tools.

If we didn’t ask Mozilla to add Kabyle, it couldn’t know it. So we have to work hardly for more international visibility for our language.

Kabyle community is not aware enough about digital tools, internationalization, localization… That’s why we have to organize the team around Mozilla’s projects. Note that we haven’t reach 100% localization on Mozilla yet.

CLDR also takes some information from localized tools like Firefox, Thunderbird,, MDN, SUMO… and from other editors and companies.

CLDR (UNICODE Consortium) is not a statistics organization, it gathers data from governments and other organizations dealing with stats about people, languages …