OAuth2 redirect to https://...extensions.allizom.org seems to fail

Hi, I’m using OAuth2 to authenticate with some API in my Firefox Extension and everything worked fine until suddenly the extension (i.e., authentication) stopped working. I can login fine in the interactive login page of the API provider, and as far as I can tell the redirect_uri is called, but in my extension the promise of the Authentication flow is never fulfilled. If I paste the redirec_uri into the address bar, it results in a 404. Also, I can’t ping allizom.org or extensions.allizom.org. Any chance the service is offline?

Thank you for your help!

The target of the URI doesn’t have to be reachable for the flow to work. Does the OAuth flow you’re using set the code or token as an URL param? That’s what the flow is expecting.

Yes,it does. As far as I can tell, the redirect URL that is called is well-formed. Also, the exact extension used to work until some time ago, that’s why I was wondering if some server might not be reachable.

It doesn’t work for me.
@highsenberg did you solve the problem?
Even though it works in Chrome

@coddeys & @highsenberg Did you manage to fix this issue ? I’ma facing the exact same problem with my addon.