October community campaign

Hi everyone,

As some of you have already noticed through Firefox Desktop snippets, Mozilla Activate newsletter and social media, this week we have launched a community campaign to get a boost in contributions for the languages we have at least 1M sentences.

We have launched efforts in English, German, French and Spanish.

So far we are seeing a huge increase in contributions, so much that our server was a bit overloaded on Monday :wink:

Please keep an eye on new recordings and please flag any trends you are seeing.

This is a quick report on numbers in the last 7 days to illustrate impact:


Reminder: We are still looking for help to get other languages to more than 1M sentences so we can feel conformable launching big campaigns like this [Technical feedback needed] Wikipedia extractor script beta

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The French Community has made an article about the campaign on the blog :

Common Voice : Aidez nous à atteindre l’objectif des 10 heures pour Octobre


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Common Voice made the front page of Hacker News:

Some interesting comments underneath. Two problems appear to be:

  1. Users don’t know what to look for when validating. This thread is the closest thing to proper validation guidelines and I think it would be really helpful if it was prominently linked on the CV site. At the very least, it should be a sticky topic on this forum.

  2. The process of getting new languages ready for recording is complex / convoluted.


I absolutely agree, wee need more visible information. It took me a few weeks of reading and trial and error until I understood how this project works.

Thanks for this link, this is really valuable, and I agree on some of the pain point mentioned. Let’s keep creating a list with all the feedback and see how we can turn it into recommendations for product.

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@nukeador Will Common Voice snippets be shown to Firefox users long-term or is this only intended to be a short-term campaign?

Snippets are only run for one week, we plan to at least run this same campaign (incorporating any learnings) also in November and December.

The results after the first week are remarkable, seeing contributions increase from 5X to 15X!

New hours in the last week

  • German: +18 recorded +15 validated (5x)
  • English: +65 recorded +48 validated (7x)
  • French: +48 recorded +31 validated (6x)
  • Spanish: +50 recorded +30 validated (15x)

Thanks @couci for supporting the execution and @mbranson and @r_LsdZVv67VKuK6fuHZ_tFpg or the input, feedback and support from the product site.



With these figures, how many hours does this correspond to the 10-hour target?


For French we did 6 times what we usually get in a week, in this case almost 26 validated hours are coming from this campaign.

That’s 260% over our original target of 10 hours