"Off-topic" flag

(Andreas Wagner) #1

What happened to the Off-Topic flag? It seems to be gone, at least it doesn’t show up in the list of options when I want to flag a topic or post.



Weird, I still see it as the top option for myself. Though I am an admin. Could someone who’s not an admin confirm whether or not they see this?

(Andreas Wagner) #3

I did some more digging. I can see that option for some threads, but not for all. I don’t think this is a permission issue (unless my permissions or the base code recently changed).


Let us know which threads you can and can’t see it on? That’ll give us some clues hopefully!

(Andreas Wagner) #5

I opened ~40 topics to find one where I could set the “off-topic” flag, without any luck. I will let you know as soon as I stumble upon one where it works.

This thread for example, I cannot flag as “off-topic”.


We did disable the ability to have uncategorized posts. I don’t know if that option would be tied to the flag.

Is the option not there anymore, or does it not allow you to select it? Can you set other flags? Feel free to test on this topic so we know you’re just testing.

(Andreas Wagner) #7

I don’t see the option at all. I can set other flags just fine.

(Andreas Wagner) #8

I guess I figured it out. You can only flag a post as off-topic, but not a whole topic. It seems obvious when you read this, but sometimes people post support requests in the add-on category, which I consider “off-topic”, regarding the category they post in. I just have to remember to click the “flag” button for the post, not for the whole topic.

Sorry for the confusion.


Not at all, it’s good for us to know how things work. I agree that since we have categories for specific topics, that a whole topic could be off topic for the category.

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(Leo McArdle) #10

I assume this is something which needs to be raised on Discourse Meta and changed upstream.


I was able to flag the top post here as off topic

(Andreas Wagner) #12

Just to make sure, this is what I mean:

[Wanted] Flag Topic as Off Topic

Yes, I thought there would be another place for it, but I didn’t look that hard. So I guess the work-around is to use flag the top post instead of using the button at the bottom. We can file an issue for figuring out the topic specific button.

(Andreas Wagner) #14

Thank you @Kensie!