Official Mozilla presence on Mastodon

I didn’t find a better place to ask, so sorry for a potential off-topic.

Does Mozilla plan to establish official presence in the Mastodon network? For those who haven’t heard it, it’s very similar to Twitter, but open-source and and decentralized with all pros and cons. I see a significant number of people creating accounts there as well and I would like to create one for our local community, however I don’t know which instance would Mozilla go for, if they join, or if there will be a dedicated instance for Mozilla?

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I doubt that we have any plan for now. But I’m tagging @mhoye who might have a better answer to that question.


If you need information and experience about Mastodon, the French community is on this social media for a while now. (Mastodon instance managed by a French organization which defends fundamental freedoms in the digital world).


We did look into this a few years ago. There were a few different issues, one of which is that it broadens the surface area that we have to maintain beyond the already broad area we have at present.