Official StreamFilter example causes page loads to get stuck

(Watz) #1


I’m having trouble to get one of the official StreamFilter examples to work. I was about to file a bug report, but I have the feeling that this can’t be true and I am really missing something here. Perhaps one of you can point me into the right direction?

1.) Create an extension using the unmodified StreamFilter example at:
2.) Temporarily load the extension using about:debugging
3.) Visit (or any other site after changing the url filter)

The example code seems to work (logs in console), but the page load process won’t finish. It seems to be stuck until the temporary addon is reloaded again.

Same behaviour with 57.0.1 and 58.0b9 on two different Win7/10 x64 machines. Maybe the sample code is missing something or there are restrictions not mentioned on the page?

Any idea? Thanks alot!!!

(Watz) #2


I found another sample that works. Turns out the above one is missing the () after disconnect :wink: