"Old Firefox Data" folder just appeared on my desktop

(Chuck Baker) #1

Yesterday I noticed a folder on my desktop named “Old Firefox Data”. In that folder were copies of two of my profiles (I have at least a dozen profiles set up). They are both dated 11/11/15 and timestamped about 35 minutes apart. I’ve researched it a bit and the information I got was that it is a folder created when one ‘Refreshes Firefox’. I am fairly certain that I’ve never used that function. This happened just before or after Fx upgraded itself from v42 to v43.

A user of one of my extensions posted a message to my support forum that the same thing happened to him and he swears he never ‘Refreshed Firefox’. in fact, he doesn’t know how to do it even if he wanted. He said he got up to answer the phone and when he came back, his computer had re-booted, the folder appeared on his desktop and all his extensions were missing from Fx along with any customization of the UI.

Refreshing Firefox is not something that can easily be done accidentally. In fact, I can’t even find a button to do this with Fx v43.

Is there any other way for that folder to be created other than ‘Refreshing Firefox’?

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #2

Good evening, Chuck. I’m sorry to inform you that this is not the official platform for support. To receive support from our amazing community volunteers, please visit https://support.mozilla.org/questions/new

Thank you!