Old username appearing on search engines


I’m kind of lost in many ways, but I would be glad with any help. I’ve changed my Add-ons username a week ago and the old one still appears on search engines. I imagine this is something that takes a few weeks to resolve, but I’d like to know from someone who knows better if I have to do something about it or just wait.

Thank you!

@dotproto would you be able to help with this?

Hmm, I’m not sure. I would also assume that this is a caching issue with search engine crawlers.

Just to make sure, @lilu, you’re referring to your support.mozilla.org account, right? I’m just getting to this thread about 2 months after you first posed – has the issue resolved itself?

It seems that @lilu is referring to his/her add-on name (unless I’m getting it wrong).

But yeah, it appears that it may be a caching issue. @lilu Hopefully it’s not a problem anymore by now, but let us know if otherwise.

Hi! I apologize for my late reply. I wish I could have responded sooner and I truly appreciate your kindness and consideration.

To recap, I have checked the search engines today and found that there are still some results with my old username from Mozilla add-ons, although there are fewer now. I’m guessing there’s not much I can do about it at this point… However, I’m just curious as to why Mozilla specifically kept my older data circulating, since I haven’t shared this account anywhere else.

Thank you again for your interest in helping me, @kelimuttu, @dotproto :hearts:

When you access the page, though, did the add-on name doesn’t change as well? I was thinking maybe it’s a crawling issue from the search engine side that caused the problem.

Thank you again for your interest in helping me, @kelimuttu, @dotproto :hearts:

No problem. Thank you for sharing your experience. As we’re planning for a full support on Android, I believe more add-ons developers will make some changes to their add-ons. So having visibility into issues that developers are facing like this is important to our team as well. (: