Old Users Not Being Updated to New Version

A new version of our extension was approved 5 days ago, and based on the Statistics and sorting by “Add-on Version” all of our users are still using version 1.5 when the new approved AMO listed version is 1.7. There are some users on 1.7 but those are just the new users that have recently installed the extension.

How can we get these users to use the new version?

Did you by any chance added new permissions in the new version that would show a warning to the existing users?

That would for sure reduce number of updating users.

Ohh yes, so we actually modified the content_script permission of our Domain to allow the www version of our domain. It was “://domain.com/”, and we changed it to “://.domain.com/*”, to allow either domain.com or www.domain.com

I am guessing this is what happened? I just submitted a new version going back to the old manifest, did we screw things up already?

Well, this is a special rare case so I’m not 100% sure how bad it is.

But in theory, each user will see a warning, asking him whether he wants to update to new version which needs new host permission or not. And many people won’t update, so they stay at the previous version.

So if you revert it and release an update, they should be updated normally (automatically) again.