Omnibox: Can we disable it?/Offer opt-in/opt-out

If you use the omnibox API you can only statically define a string that is used.

That would be quite okay, alone. However, what is worse is that I cannot disable it! Even the default search suggestion can only be overwritten, by default it shows the add-on name.

My use case

In my add-on I e.g. (want to) have a string “emoji”, so people can easily search for emojis in their address bar.
However, I want to offer this as an opt-in, because some people may e.g. just usually start their search with this search term, but may not even be aware of this add-on or get confused when the add-on “hijacks” this.


I tried to workaround it by:

  • either you start a search using the search API when your feature is “disabled”. However, that needs an additional permission:
    Why do we need an extra permission simply for starting a search?
  • or you just open your options page, where people can enable this feature. Or show some information, at least (in the suggestion).