Ongoing Common Voice & Mozilla Updates

Hello Common Voice Community,

Thank you for the ongoing support, words of encouragement and continued engagement with Common Voice as we evaluate the long term success of the platform and dataset. I wanted to provide a quick update, and I will commit to updating you every few weeks through to the end of the year.

To reiterate, Mozilla commits to ongoing, reduced support of Common Voice over the next six months whilst we find a strong steward for it. We recognise the project is a valuable public asset that is vitally important, both in the broader voice tech ecosystem, and for the language communities.

While we won’t be launching any new features, we will finalize some in-progress code and will still be addressing all major bugs and issues. In addition, we will continue to support adding new languages and plan to release an updated dataset. However, we will not be resourced as we were previously, so things may take longer.

Please also note that during this time we won’t have a dedicated community manager, but will still be engaging through Discourse and Element on a slower cadence.

The contributions you make to Mozilla and this project have impact and are greatly valued, thank you for your continued support! Check back soon, and please reach out with any and all questions.