Open Call: Join Common Voice in Introducing Variant Support for Language Variants

Common Voice is launching on a new initiative to continue to expand our offering to language communities who want to support variants of their language. We aim to enable language Variant support for languages that are written in more than one writing system or orthography, allowing for multiple variants with different orthographies within a single language dataset. To achieve this, we need communities we can actively work with.

We are looking for collaborative communities to work with us in implementing this new feature. Communities will play a vital role in the process by:

  • Working within their community inclusively to add existing language variants

  • Contributing a certain number of sentences on the CV sentence collector

  • Providing valuable feedback on the new feature

  • Carrying out outreach about the new system among their community members

If you or your community are interested in participating in this process, please use this form to register here, by 25 April 2024 latest. Contact us on for more information or enquiries.