Open hackathons in Fall 2016

(Oleg Lavrovsky) #1

On suggestion from @mkohler I would like to share some upcoming events being supported by the Swiss open data community. At our hackathons we encourage people to use open source and web standards, both for working with data and creating applications with the results. Partner events where we support other associations are no exception to this, and of course it would be great to support a Mozilla event in the same spirit! So, here’s what’s next :trumpet: :notes:

A few tickets and travel grants are still available for the international Hack for Ageing Well event we are running next week in eastern Switzerland at - we would be happy to see a few more Challenges come in, e.g. leveraging a Mozilla platform, so don’t hesitate to share an idea of what we should hack - with the general topic in mind, of course.

Together with the City of Zurich and Climate-KIC, the Impact Hub in Zürich will host a 24h Climate-Hackathon on October 28-29. You can register here. will be supporting the event with open data and platforms, adding to the momentum from our energy hackdays last spring.

On November 25-27 our friends are organizing a Science Hackathon at UniverCité in Lausanne. Space is very limited, so you have to sign-up if interested by September 30th.

We have another big event in the works which I hope to announce soon: stay tuned, follow our blog - and let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions of how the Mozilla community can contribute to more awesome hackathon experiences. Thanks!