Open voice technology Youtube channel

Hi :slight_smile:,

i’m setting up a Youtube channel for content about open voice technology.
Content is on news from open voice tech community and technical walkthroughs - TTS, STT, Voice Assistants, … .

Would love to hear what you think about it - useful, useless, ideas, thoughts?



Would love to hear what you think about it - useful, useless, ideas, thoughts?

The home page is almost empty! Needs customisation. Here is my channel as an example.

Beside that, I love the idea, it is great! Maybe you could create a guest series for Common Voice language reps, to find out more about their journey, what they have accomplished and what challenges they face.

I’m willing to be your first guest, I am the Abkhazian team rep.

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Hi @daniel.abzakh,
thanks for your great feedback and guest offer :grinning:. I’ve adjusted my youtube homepage. I’ve some stuff to prepare before having guests, but i’d like to send you a PN with when i’m ready if you’re still interested.

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Sure thing, let me know when you are ready! Here is my email:


Are you interested on how open voices for multiple languages sound like?
Then this video on my channel with samples of ALL Coqui TTS voice might be for interesting for you.


As i’m in a great party mood today i just wanna share this with you. My Youtube channel about open voice technology has now reached 500 subscribers :partying_face:. Thanks to all of you who follow me or find my work on that useful :slight_smile:.

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I’m curious about what types of videos, technical walkthroughs you’d like see? Do you have any wishes (open voice technology related)? I’d be happy to read what video topics you are interested and i can add creating a video about it on my TODO list.

As my Youtube channel for open voice tech enthusiasts reached 1k subscribers, i just wanna say THANK YOU to everyone being with me on my journey for an open voice future :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you’d like to see a special video / tutorial on voice tech, please let me know :blush:

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Congratulations! 1k is this just huge hurdle and you’ve done it. I don’t have any specific requests but this is just a delight to see grow!

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Thanks @jesslynnrose for your nice feedback :blush: .
I’ve lots of ideas in mind, but am always happy if voice tech enthusiasts have specific wishes. So feel free to let me know when there’s anything specific in future.

Just in case it’s interesting for you. New video tutorial on my “Thorsten-Voice” channel showing how to setup GPT 4 ALL / LLaMA + Coqui TTS spoken audio output. And ALL LOCAL, so NO CLOUD and in one simple Python script.