"Open with google chrome"


I recently installed Chrome on Debian 12 + XFCE. Suddenly Chrome menus appeared in Firefox, such as “Open with Google Chrome” when I right click on a downloaded pdf.

How is this even a thing? And how do I get rid of them?? I looked under Applications in about:preferences, but nothing there. I assume FF is desktop agnostic and there’s some platform independent API allowing dynamic menu manipulation, but it isn’t something I know anything about. What are the specifics?

I’ve been looking at the XFCE .desktop files, and I expect that is the mechanism in this case, but I’d like to know what the application provides to allow it to operate.



I’m using Ubuntu 22.04.3 + XFCE and I don’t have those menus.

Are you using a Debian build of Firefox or a Mozilla build? Two options: Either Debian added the feature to Firefox or Debian by default adds an add-on to add the Open with Chrome.

For the second option you should be able to disable the add-one. For the first option you can switch to a Mozilla build of Firefox.

Please let us know what you find out.

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I’m not a Linux/Debian user, but are Chrome set up as the default pdf-viewer on your system?
Maybe it is just Firefox giving you the option to open a pdf file in whatever application is set up as the default pdf-viewer on your system?

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Hi Stig, thanks for that. Default application it is.

xfce4-settings-manager | System | Default Applications | Other

Set for each MIME type. No way to add new MIME type, but the list looks comprehensive.

I’m not sure there was a default before, or at least I don’t remember an application appearing in that position on the right click menu, but the settings manager doesn’t seem to allow setting the default app back to none.


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Hi B.J.,

thanks for this. I’ve solved the mystery as below, but your suggestion is something I hadn’t thought of.

What’s the best way to determine those details?

Troubleshooting info says:

Name Firefox
Version 102.14.0esr
Build ID 20230724114731
Distribution ID
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0
OS Linux 6.1.0-10-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.1.38-2 (2023-07-27)
OS Theme Xfce / Adwaita
Application Binary /usr/lib/firefox-esr/firefox-esr

… plus a lot more.

I’m interested to know how distro builds vary, and what options might be available if I build it myself.