Opening an add-on option page from the homescreen in Firefox on Android

Hi I tried asking about this in the live stream today but maybe it wasn’t understood.

When I open Firefox I can go to the add-on manager menu, but it is only after visiting a site that I can access the options page for add-ons (I see the add-on manager too).

Is this a bug? Will it change?

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Ah, thanks for the clarification. Yeah, I didn’t quite follow the problem during the live steam.

Yes, that sounds to me like a bug. Please file a bug report for Fenix on

Just to clarify, the “Add-ons” menu doesn’t open Options page of the addon you clicked on. It opens it’s popup “page”.

But I totally agree it’s bad design to not allow users to open addons popup from the homepage.
Imagine if on your desktop Firefox the addons icons were disabled in the in New tab page.

My workaround was to add a mobile-only footer to the popup window, with a link to the Options page and a copy of the pageAction icon:

Edit: never mind, this has nothing to do with the New Tab Page. I thought we were talking about Firefox burying the Options menu. Options is 2 clicks on Chrome, 3 clicks on Firefox desktop, and 5 taps (renamed to Settings for some reason) on Android.