Option for RIGHT side of browser

Like the vertical tabs on big’ish screens.

I have the sidebar always open with bookmarks so this implentation of a sidebar (‘Tab Center’) next to but obscured by another sidebar (bookmarks) is ergonomically poor.

On big’ish screens, much nicer to have bookmarks sidebar open on the left & ‘tab center’ pinned on the right. Please god make this an option?

Why this obsession with everything jammed over on the extreme LEFT of screens?


Totally agree.

I would love to have the option to stack the tabs on the right side of the screen, just like Servo does.

Is it ok if I open an issue for this at GitHub?

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This is the only thing that stops me from using this great extension.

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It’s already been suggested on github. :wink:

(And yeah, I’ld like to get to that too, but haven’t had the time. If anyone wanted to take a stab at it, though, I’ld be more than happy to help them along!)

+1 from me too!

With GNOME Desktop and Hot Left Corner, there is always a mouse problem!

+1 for right-handed people right-sided bar more usable and convenient

Completely agree! On dual monitors where Firefox is on the right it works so much better to have the tab center on the right. Was able to do this in Tree Style Tabs.

Bar move (optional?) too right sounds like great idea. Left feels like I have to first cross a highway… (Maybe that goes for a right bar as well, however so far no experience…)

Problem left bar: when I want to klik the <- (move back arrow) I keep on hitting the + (plus) of the bar and get a new tabs/ Okay, you might argue new tabs are all for free, still it sometimes turns out quite unhandy :wink:

@AmsterdamEagle that is a great idea! Could the idea be expanded to allow for omni-positioning? I know it sounds like I’m stepping back from the side bar-option but it is more that as most have mentioned, you do hit it if it is in the least optimal position. I myself usually have it in a portrait monitor but I have been caught putting it in the bottom right and full right/left when space becomes crucial. What do you think @BZ8MB16ugbJ2EojX ?

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I will add that I mean having the option to add it to the bottom/left/right/top just to avoid confusion.

Nice idea on wide screens, but as stated before [quote=“policarpov2, post:8, topic:9216”]
right-handed people right-sided bar more usable and convenient

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I have a more unusual reason for wanting a right-side tabs bar. (Not the same Right-handed reason, as I don’t have a touch-screen, so right handed isn’t an issue)

Basically, My computer is set up as a direct “mirror” of my wife’s computer. As in, My secondary screen is on the Left. (While her secondary screen is on the Right)

So on my computer, if I want to mouse over to the Second screen, i currently have to hop over the tabs bar.

So basically, moving the tabs bar over to the right of screen would be better for my PC setup.

Hi Daniel-
Catch your point!
So the options “should” be: above, left AND right. Perhaps even underneath. Ultimately, this way will make it possible to even use the screen in space :wink:

Looking at your somewhat messy desk makes me feel really comfortable: yours and mine very much look the same! :wink: