Option to NOT display certain Things on Things page

Hi all,
I think having the option to display or not display individual “Things” on the “Things” page would be a good idea.
There are some “Things” that are not needed to be seen on the “Things” page and are just causing clutter. eg. Pulses (automatic timers)
Just throwing the idea out there.

As far as i know, it will have plan to add a Custom Dashboard feature in the future. it should fix this situation since you will have a generic dashboard will all the things, and the possibility to create some more dashboard with only thing that make sense to you(ex 1 dashboard per room, 1 security system dashboard etc…)

you could also open an issue in github


A couple of thoughts:

  1. As @Martin_Verret mentioned we are discussing a custom dashboard feature for the WebThings Android app, and I think that would be a great feature for the gateway’s web app too. I’ve filed an issue for that. Ultimately you need a list of all things somewhere, but I definitely see the need for a more curated list which the user can manage.
  2. Wherever possible we should be looking for ways to eliminate “things” on the things screen which are not real devices. Some things generated by add-ons today are really workarounds for missing features of the gateway.
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Sounds great!
You mention an Android app, what are the chances of an iOS app in the future?

That depends, do you know how to program in Swift? :wink:

No sorry… i really do wish i could help though :slightly_frowning_face:

In fact you can code in kotlin for IOS, so at some point we probably just need someone who could adapt the code for ios and test